Ceiling & Dance Floor Decor


If you’re looking to stand out at your event, decorating your ceiling with illuminated draping or framing the dance floor, will be sure to make a statement. Balloons on the ceiling with glitter ribbon & LED lights streaming down will add a magical effect. Choose from one of our many options to transform your room instantly.



Create a unique and dazzling effect by releasing individual helium-filled balloons on your ceiling above the dance floor with glitter ribbon & sparkle LED lights. You can also dangle shimmering stars and clusters of balloons from the ceiling for a striking effect. One of our favorites is hanging various sizes of clear balloons on the ceiling which reflect the room lighting perfectly.


Dance under the stars with one of our striking balloon canopies. It is sure to make a dramatic and memorable experience for your guests, and transform your party room completely.



Built in a similar style like balloon arches, Balloon Garlands can be illuminated and swagged over your dance floor, creating a giant statement of light & color.



A Balloon Gazebo is a simple, yet tasteful way to highlight your dance floor. We place four balloon columns, designed to your specifications and colors, at the four corners of the dance floor area. We then create two single line arches of balloons that crisscross over the dance floor, adding glitter ribbon for a finishing touch.



Elegantly decorate the ceiling for your Quinceañera & Sweet 16 with beautiful tulle wrapped in LED lights. Ceiling draping is an exceptional way to enhance the look & style of your party room & dance floor.


Framing the perimeter of your dance floor is an ideal way to make a spectacular focal point in your party room. A Balloon Wrap is perfect for this. We design your balloon wrap by using a mixture of archways, LED lighting, and columns, combining to make a highlighted and enhanced dance floor area..

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