Brighten up your event with the best quality mylar and latex balloons in the Calgary, Foothills area. With over 15 years experience in the industry, we will use our creativity and imagination to enhance your special occasion by creating impressive balloon creations. Celebrate your Birthday Party, Wedding, Sweet 16, or any special day with us and make it a memorable event.

Balloon Sculptures


Create a unique and magical experience for your party guests using our illuminated and colorful balloon sculptures. Entranceways and party spaces will come to life drawing in your mesmerized guests! Ask about our carnival themed carousel horse, sport themed pieces, or our deluxe princess carriage. Whatever your occasion or your interest, we can bring your dream to life.

Balloon Centerpieces


Whether you’re looking to decorate for an elegant event, or something bright, colorful, & festive, balloon centerpieces are a great way to transform your party space. One of our favorite styles are our double bubble centerpieces, which have a balloon inside of a larger 16” clear balloon. Our giant 36” balloons are another favorite. They come in an array of solid colors, polka dot pattern, and a two toned marble pattern. Add LED lights & sparkle glitter to dress them up and create a magical look and feel.

Balloon Columns


Do you have a space in your room or entranceway that you want to highlight? Choose from our many styles of bright balloon columns to complement and enhance your space perfectly. Upgrade your columns with LED balloon lights bringing a glow to the ambience of your space. We can customize your balloon columns to any width or height, to correlate just right with your room & theme.

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches bring bursts of color and light to any ballroom or party space. They perfectly frame entranceways & doorways, as well as cake tables or any desired focal point in your party room. Balloon arches can be made in a variety of shapes & styles also. Some popular styles are our Heart balloon arch, Star balloon arch, and Mickey/Minnie Mouse Archways. Ask us also about our stunning Tunnel Archways.

Balloon Names


Bring focus and attention to the honored guest with our eye-catching balloon names. Pick any font & color scheme to completely customize your balloon name sculpture. Then add the finishing touch of a wrap with twinkling LED lights for a dazzling effect. You can personalize your event with our Mylar balloon names as well.



Make an impressive grand finale to your party with an astonishing balloon release. Choose from our traditional balloon net releases, or spice it up with exploding balloons. These consist of 36” balloons filled with smaller balloons and sometimes confetti which can be released at your moment of choice. Explode the balloons for an extra exciting effect, releasing the confetti and balloons on your awestruck guests.

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